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Christmas is on its way guy's and it's my favorite time of the year for many reasons.
Our postal cut off dates are as follows this year:

Tuesday 18 December for 2nd Class

Thursday 20 December for 1st Class

Anything posted after the cut off dates are not guaranteed to be with you in time for christmas ( also please take into account our processing times for each order, which is between 1/3 days, depending on your order ) as everything is handmade to order just for you.

Love Thy Light started out as myself making candles which would be of high quality and unique to any other candle business out there.

Four years on and I still love what I do with a passion and feel we have kept our uniqueness as a business alive with our different product lines.

I chose wood wicks because I love the ambiance it gives to a room when its crackling and it's 100% a natural product.

Ecosoya wax as its 100% eco friendly to us and the environment.

Why do you use EcoSoya wax?
Good question :)
Ecosoya wax is 100% natural soybean with no additives unlike some other soy waxes on the market to date.
Kosher Certified,
Non-Toxic & Cooler Burn (Safer around Children)
Environmentally Friendly
A Renewable & Sustainable Source
Has been dermatologically tested and not tested on animals.

The candle making process is amazing and I love making them for customers and hearing positive feedback.

Customer service is paramount here at love thy light, as you guys are the best ( I really do have the best customers in the world ).

My scent choice is based on English heritage, being all the flowers we grow in our garden year after year and the scents of nature like Forest walk and Ocean mist.

I love the thought we can enjoy these scents at any time of the year and the fact they bring back memories. I do add fashionable scents that are trending to keep my scent range fresh for the candle market and for my customers old and new.

We have 50 scents to date and hopefully more to be added in the future, keeping English heritage in mind always.

I'm always on the outlook for creating new products that are unique to us and looking for that constant niche in the market.

As a business I feel it's so important to keep up with trends and fashions and to think outside the box constantly with new product lines and scents.

I have lots of ideas but only so many hours per day so please keep a look out for new product lines because as fashion changes, so do we.

Everything is in house, like printing, graphic design and photography.

Our logo was also designed by myself and I'm very proud as it's starting to get recognised as a brand which is amazing.

We have many years in front of us and we will be around for a very long time making, creating and designing all our luxury hand poured scented candles just for you.

Thank you for taking an interest in Love Thy Light and our story so far.

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